Why You May Want To Add Video Surveillance To Your Home Security System

24 August 2022
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Home security systems are an excellent way to ensure you and your family are safe when you are at home, and your house is secure when you are not. Adding more protection, like residential surveillance to the house can take that security a step further and help alert you to things outside before the alarm is triggered or someone attempts to get into your residence. 

Basic Security 

Security systems should stop people from breaking into your home by detecting a breach and setting off an alarm or sending an alert to local law enforcement. The alarm will typically scare the intruder away before they enter the home, but damage to doors or windows is common during the attempt to enter.

Adding residential surveillance to the property with video monitoring and additional features that allow greater security can often stop the intruder by extending the perimeter around your home. Motion detectors, additional lights, and video cameras designed to see movement in the dark are all excellent options that you can add to your basic security system to enhance the protection it offers.

Your security company can help by assessing the property and identifying areas that might need some additional protection if you request it. Places that are hard to see or do not have much light at night can present security challenges, and often simply adding a camera and a motion light is enough to reduce the potential problem and increase the security of your home and property. 

Monitoring Companies

When adding additional security to your property, you often need to incorporate residential surveillance and monitoring, and paying a service to do this for you is the best option for most situations. Adding cameras, motion detectors, and other features are essential, but you can't watch them all the time yourself, so finding a service that has a remote monitoring center that can handle that task is an excellent place to start. 

Most residential security companies offer residential surveillance for their customers, and the service can include video monitoring, alarm system activation detection, fire alarm monitoring, and many other services. If you already have a security system in your home, check with the company you use to see what additional features they offer that you are not already using.

You can have the security company add the additional equipment you want to the property and begin residential surveillance for you when you are ready. The additional cost of the surveillance and equipment may be lower than you expect, and many companies offer reduced costs for existing customers. Upgrading during a promotion or special may get you free equipment, or a trial period for your residential surveillance so talk to the security company about your options and prices to determine what is best for your home security.  

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