Installing An Automatic Gate On Your Business's Property

10 February 2022
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An automatic gate can help to make your business more accessible to customers while keeping the property secure. When you are looking into the options for installing a new automatic gate system for your business, it is important to be as thorough as possible to maximize the results that you are able to get.

Determine the Security That the Gate Should Provide

A common reason for installing an automatic gate system is to improve the overall security of the property. To this end, you will have to put some consideration into the design of the gate that you are wanting. For some businesses, this gate will primarily be for managing the flow of traffic onto the property, which can lead to them needing little more than a gate with an arm that can raise or lower. However, others will need to use this gate as an integral part of its overall security strategy. For these companies, it will be beneficial to have a gate that is as tall as the rest of the fencing that may surround the property, so it can prevent unauthorized access to the property.

Choose a Convenient Access Control System for the Automatic Gate

While it is important to secure your business, you will also need to keep it accessible enough for customers, workers and other individuals to enter. Choosing a gate that has a convenient and effective control system can substantially improve the performance that you get from it. Gates that have scanners to read access cards can be a popular option for this type of system as it can avoid the need for individuals to remember access codes or to take the time to input their codes. For businesses that want a more secure option, it is possible to connect the gate to an intercom system with a video feed so that individuals approaching the gate can request to be allowed onto the property.

Consider the Weather Conditions the Gate Opener Will Face

The weather conditions may not seem like a significant concern with your automatic gate system, but it can have a number of impacts on the ability of the automatic gate to function. Ice is a very common example of this, as it can be possible for large amounts of ice to form on the gate, which can increase its weight. Depending on the amount of ice, it could cause the gate to exceed the weight limit of the motor. Additionally, it is possible for large amounts of ice to form on the motor, which could jam it. Choosing a motor that is properly insulated and that may have a heating system installed can avoid situations where the automatic gate opener is unable to function.

For more info on commercial automatic gates, consult with a security professional in your area.