4 Guidelines For Successful Installation Of Business Access Control Systems

7 October 2021
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With the advancement in technology, you can now use advanced access security systems to protect your business data, assets, and your employees. However, planning and installing access control systems are tailored to match your business security plan.

The modern-day access control systems heavily rely on data management software that controls multiple electronic locks, door readers, and controllers. Therefore, you need to involve professionals during the installation. This piece examines some guidelines to consider when planning for the installation of access control systems.

1. Security Needs

An access control system installation should be preceded by a detailed analysis of your business security needs. You should assess the current system performance against the overall security plan to identify gaps and vulnerabilities that the new system should address.

Generally, your new system should be crafted to meet business security goals. At this point, you can choose the right system based on your preferred authorization types, cardholder population, location(s) served, technology, and monitoring features. If you are installing the system for the first time, it is advisable to have a professional by your side for guidance.

2. Cost Projections

The cost of the installation project should make economic sense in terms of the long-term return on investment. The main cost elements of an access control system project include the price of equipment, installation cost, license fees, and maintenance costs.

You can request quotations from the suppliers to know the hardware components, such as electronic locks, motion sensors, door readers, and controllers, you need for the project. You can also compare the installation service charges of different companies and choose between hiring independent installers and utilizing the installation team from the system vendor.

3. Equipment and Technology

Your objective should be to choose the right access control equipment and technology to protect data, property, employees, and clients by restricting entry into premises. Therefore, the technology deployed should be capable of supporting upscaling and seamlessly incorporate suitable upgrades or updates.

You also need to choose to host the database of the main controller on the cloud or on-site server. Again, ensure you consult with the experts to make the right decision.

4. User Training

It is important to train the access control system users before and during the rollout process. This is because the users are usually at different control levels. Therefore, you might need different programs to train the system administrators, managers and supervisors versus ordinary employees with minimal access rights.

The training imparts the knowledge for correct access control system administration and use. In addition, it helps users understand their access rights and restrictions to avoid operational difficulties. 

These guidelines can facilitate the successful installation of an access control system. As a result, you will have a cost-effective, flexible, and reliable security solution in your business. For more information on card access or web-based access control systems, contact a security company such as Videotec Corporation.