Getting Started With Home Security: 4 Systems Worth Your Investment

3 December 2020
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With over 3,300 burglaries occurring every day, homeowners should invest in sturdy security systems. However, the many options on the market do not make this process easy. If you're just getting started with home security, finding solutions that work for your home can be an uphill task. What's more, not everyone has thousands of dollars to invest in state-of-the-art security systems. So how do you burglar-proof your home without breaking the bank? Here are four security options that are worth your investment.

1. Burglar Deterrent Doors

Your doors are the first line of defense against burglary. Thus, invest in sturdy, burglar-deterrent exterior doors. The doors should feature a sturdy frame that won't cave when manipulated by would-be intruders. It should also come with quality locking systems. Some great options include smart locks, which can only be opened if one has the input code. If your budget doesn't allow for a smart lock, go for a high-quality deadbolt lock.

2. Alarm Systems

When paired with sturdy doors, alarm systems can do a superb job of keeping burglars out of your home. There are various types of alarms, and the most important ones here are door and window alarms. Most intruders enter a home through the front door. A door alarm works by notifying you when someone enters your house. Some alarms require users to enter a deactivation code within seconds of opening the door, failure to which the alarm goes off.

Window alarms also work by sounding an alarm when a window is opened or broken without deactivating the alarm system. To increase the effectiveness of these systems, you can install them within the view of intruders. When someone sees an alarm, they will be hesitant to attempt a break-in.

3. Outdoor Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are great for homeowners willing to spend a little more on their security. Video surveillance systems are great burglar-deterrent options. When installed strategically, they can discourage intruders from coming near your property. You can install surveillance systems to monitor front and back gates, blind spots in the backyard, and all doors.

Smart surveillance systems allow Wi-Fi connections. This allows you to monitor your home remotely. When paired with alarms, they can do a great job of notifying you of intrusion. If an invasion occurs, the cameras can capture the intruder and speed up apprehension.

4. Security Lighting

Intruders love to lurk in the shadows and crawl into your home through vulnerable entry points. Security lights can eliminate blind spots in your home and deter intruders. Motion-activated lights have sensors that turn on the lights when they detect the slightest movement in your outdoor space. Smart motion-activated lights can connect to your home's Wi-Fi and notify you when they sense movement at night.

These security systems are great burglar-deterrent solutions for residential use. Talk to a security expert about installing a home security system.