Working From Home? 3 Ways Home Automation Makes Life Easier

19 May 2020
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Are you working from home now? Whether you're a remote worker new to the arrangement or run a home-based business, the more you set up your home to support your professional endeavor, the more successful your work-from-home plans will be. And one way to improve your home to support remote work is to use home automation. How does this help? Here are three important ways.

1. You Control the Environment

Working from home, meeting with clients, and conducting video calls all work best when the environment is at its best. Using home automation, you can set up the environment most conducive to each task.

When starting a video call, for instance, create an automatic sequence that adjusts the lighting, closes blinds, turns on video conference equipment, and mutes other noises. Working on a difficult project? You could arrange the system to shuffle your favorite background music, communicate with the kids remotely, and even notify your spouse that you need time to work. 

The point of home automation systems is to be able to do many individual steps all at once for greater efficiency and the ability to adapt quickly. 

2. It Increases Home Security

When your business or telework is based at home, you must provide a safe location for more people and assets. When was the last time you updated your home security? And have your security needs changed during 2020? 

For example, if you've been sent home by your employer with expensive assets, such as specialized computer equipment, you may need to boost your home security to protect it. If you've moved business assets from a brick-and-mortar location or rented space, are these secure in storage at home? Now is the time to upgrade security features using modern technology like access control and remote monitoring. 

3. You Can Appease the Family

One of the biggest challenges for those working at home is to keep the family's needs and their work needs separate. But with children home now more than ever before, occupying them can be difficult. You may also have needy pets or even a spouse who is also trying to work from home.

Home automation can increase the kids' options for entertaining themselves — providing more control and wider access to video entertainment, gaming, music, and online education. If you share your office with a spouse, automated control over the environment allows each person to personalize the office for their own needs. Have a curious dog or cat? Program the house to let them out when needed or to turn on devices the animals can play with. 

If you don't yet know how automating features of your home can help make working in it easier, now is the time to learn. Start today by consulting with a home automation service in your area.